Omri Shafran’s glove machine: Biggest scam in the medicine

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the harshest recent events globally. However, it has still brought some crazy progress in medicine and technology. Omri Shafran, the CEO and founder of Texas Medical Technology Corporation, an American company based in Houston, Texas, has been on top of the news with his sensational invention: “surgical glove dispenser.”

Omri and his co-founders, Jad Shraim and Dimitri Meninhas, have been claiming to develop a machine meant to reduce medical waste by 12-15%, which seems to be a fantastic innovation.

The product is a disposable glove dispenser that scans the user’s ID before the compartment opens and allows them to insert their hands into inflatable gloves.

The idea of disposable gloves also provides an alert when they are about to run out. Thus, during a pandemic, Omri Shafran’s new project seems to be an essential attribute to the safety and functioning of healthcare products.

However, as sensational as it sounds, as ambiguous and fake it is, in reality.

Let’s go through an in-depth analysis and reveal the most alarming red flags of this new project!

What is Texas Medical Technology LLC?

Through online surveys, questions arose about the latest business risks involving Omri Shafran. Texas Medical Technology is an entity of a group of affiliated companies.

Texas Medical Technology LLC and several other companies, including Texas Medical Manufacturing, Texas Tec Health, and iNitrile, all have the same business address, contact information, and control personnel. This is not unheard of but is unusual.

The business address: Texas Medical Technology 6115 Skyline Dr. Suite C Houston, Texas 77057 United States.

contact email address: [email protected]

What is our major concern?

First, as it appears, they claim to have a factory with 300 employees from 50 countries, which is a lie. We have contacted the workers inside their facility, and it turned out the total number of employees is around 30. In fact, the factory is not a factor at all. It is a distribution facility for packaging and sending bundles of PPE like surgical gloves, gowns, and masks.

The facility in no way has the capability or equipment to produce or assemble such a complicated piece of machinery as they falsely claim on their websites and articles from their various PR companies.

What have we investigated?

Below is the information provided by a local investigator on 27.09.21.

We told the investigator that we represent a potential investor, interested in the Glove dispenser and the factory in Huston. He reported to us the following:

When the investigator was given the factory’s address, he immediately mentioned he was familiar with the location, company, and its owners and named Ormi Shafran.

He had personally been inside the factory as recently as two weeks ago. According to him, the factory is fully operational with around 30+ employees. He said that primarily the factory is set up to put together and distribute PPE packages which included smaller PPE items such as; Gloves, PPE clothing, equipment, and other PPE apparel.

However, he didn’t see anything with regards to the Glove dispenser. No production line, assembly line, items, or machine that would indicate they can or will be ready to manufacture or assemble any such product. Also, though there was one area in the back of the factory, he didn’t go through.

The investigator said there was no indication of the glove dispenser at the facility. However, he was very complimentary of Texas Medical Technology. He claimed that they are the premier PPE supply company in Houston, and they might still be a good company to invest in.

Thus, according to our further investigation, it turned out that this website, owned by Texas medical technology, actually shows the IGIN patented machine on the home page at the top right corner of the header (different from the iNitrile they are offering now on the website).

Also, note that the company also tends to hide information about the iNetrile. In most cases, they misspell iNitrile with an E (iNetrile) in some links.

Final Verdict

To conclude, besides all the mentioned concerns, a 30-employee firm can’t produce that advanced machine in that short time frame, as the dates they announced working on the product and launching it are completely irrelevant.

There is severe doubt that the company advertises the fake patent machine that actually belongs to the whole other industry. They claim to sell the most advanced and sensational machine when they have a zero chance to develop it. So we suggest all the investors stay away from these names and companies mentioned above.

It obviously is a scam PR campaign, aiming to advantage from the recent dreadful pandemic situation.

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