Best 5G Stocks to Buy at the Moment

Investors who are closely monitoring the situation already know that 5G has the ability to change the world. Some investors like to wait around until a new technology has firmly taken hold before investing in it. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why you want to jump on 5G stocks sooner rather than later.

Qualcomm is one of them. It has a unique position when it comes to 5G, in part because it, as it says “invented fundamental technologies that make 5G work”. Qualcomm benefited from wireless technology via licensing fees for 3G and 4G chips. And now the company is making a similar move with 5G.

According to Qualcomm, it already has more than 150 5G licensing agreements and believes that up to 550 million 5G handsets will ship in 2021.

In the company’s third quarter, total revenue rose 63% thanks to a 70% jump in chip sales and a 43% spike in licensing fees.

There are many interesting 5G stocks, like for example Nvidia. In the future, 5G users will consume more data than 4G users do right now.

Nvidia’s graphics processing chips have been standard in gaming for years. But they are also very good when it comes to processing complex data very quickly.

Nvidia continues to grow very quickly, and the company’s total sales reached a record $6.5 billion in the second quarter. The company’s two main revenue segments, gaming as well as data center, saw their sales spike 85% and 35% respectively.

5G stocks are getting some well-earned attention, as evidenced by Qualcomm and Nvidia. Yet, there is another noteworthy company, American Tower. The company operates more than 43,000 towers in North America and 171,000 internationally and leases them out to telecom companies. The 5G technology will still rely on towers to connect devices, and much of it will rely on American Tower’s network of towers.

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