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TradeVtech is a new and modern brokerage that opened its virtual doors recently. It provides both newer traders and veterans with forex and CFD trading services, as well as education and other features. TradeVtech operates from First Floor Saint Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker has garnered a fair bit of attention, although it’s still somewhat flying under the radar. As such, our TradeVtech review will help you learn more about the firm and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

As always, we’ll start by discussing the user experience and initial impressions of TradeVtech. That translates into inspecting how easily we can navigate its website and learn what we need to. TradeVtech took a different approach than most brokers there, with way fewer sections. Because of that, the website may appear underdeveloped to some. However, we can’t say that’s entirely true.

Namely, once you get used to, we’d argue the browsing experience is slightly faster than usual. It’s a tradeoff, but definitely not a clear negative. On top of that, the website is functionally sound, with no double pages, errors, or long loading times that we’ve encountered. So while there are slight functional improvements TradeVtech could make, it’s by no means faulty.

That means our overall first impression leans on the positive side. Naturally, for our entire TradeVtech broker review to be positive, the broker needed to do more. We’ll go into a deeper investigation of the brokerage soon, but for now, let’s look at some interesting properties the broker has:

24/7 Support

Most traders and investors tend to overlook the importance of customer support in online brokerages. In many cases, they end up frustrated because of an issue that’s been sitting in the unresolved column for ages. TradeVtech alleviates that issue by ensuring their support team worked longer than usual, with a 24/7 schedule instead of 24/5. That’s advantageous for traders as they can leave non-urgent issues to after trading hours instead of disrupting their trading schedule. Furthermore, having a longer work time reduces response time by default.

1-on-1 Lessons

TradeVtech aims to be a very user-oriented broker, which naturally includes educating its customers. And while text and video materials most brokers provide do a fine job at that, traders can find those elsewhere. The most effective method of educating traders is organizing personalized lessons, as it helps them progress the quickest. It’s also the best way to break poor trading habits and find mistakes you don’t notice yourself. As such, we place a high value on the one-on-one trading education features.

Strategy and Portfolio Building

As we said in the previous section of our TradeVtech review, it focuses on helping users succeed. It goes beyond basic education and includes features that help traders develop strategies and develop high-quality portfolios. It lets you personalize your strategy based on what sort of trader you are and improves their quality. Later, you can check the soundness of your portfolio, if you’re diversifying correctly, and so on. The two features serve to enhance your trading prowess and then verify that you’re doing well.

For brokers, security is one of the cornerstones of good service. We can’t say a broker is high-quality if it leaves its traders stranded in terms of safety. No matter how high-quality the trading service is, it simply isn’t worth using a broker’s service without proper security. That’s why we’re rigorous when it comes to safety, as scam brokers can lead to financial ruin. Some traders and investors have most of their savings in their portfolio and losing that to theft can be devastating.

Luckily, TradeVtech seems to beat out most brokers in that regard. The brokerage uses encryption and various verifiers to make sure only customers have access to their accounts. That provides sturdy protection against cybercriminals that might try and steal user funds. However, traders already know that the real threat is on the inside with brokers.

We already spoiled this part earlier in our TradeVtech review when we said it beat most brokers. However, their internal signs of trustworthiness are worth going over regardless. For one, the broker has a solid reputation among its customers, with no scandals or controversies in broker news. That means its likely solid, as damaged trades and investors are rightfully the first ones to complain.

Furthermore, the broker adheres to the MiFID II European regulation that serves to protect newer traders. It includes features such as stopping users from employing too high a leverage, as well as some others. In short, they’re like training wheels on a bike, cutting off some functionality but keeping you safe. Most scam brokers don’t employ such features, as they don’t care what happens to users’ money. Overall, we found no indication that TradeVtech was crooked in any way and are content with its safety measures.

The Trading Accounts

Now it’s time to move on to the part of our TradeVtech review that has more to do with trading. That starts from their account setup, which is fairly standard in the brokerage world. Each account is separated by a specific deposit threshold and counts your cumulative deposits. And while it’s not anything new, it’s there because it works, providing numerous advantages.

For starters, it allows each account to be free without any upkeep fees or additional charges. It also provides the broker with a nice way to shape its service for both beginners and experienced traders. The budget accounts can be fully functional, while the more expensive ones can act as add-ons. In TradeVtech’s case, the later accounts only add more assistance-based features and tighten spreads. And while that can be a significant advantage, you can’t say the broker is locking key features behind expensive accounts.

Some traders and investors might prefer some more specialized accounts that cut some features to emphasize others. That’s fine, but that’s simply a different school of thought, and it’s impossible to please both groups. The accounts are entirely functional for what they are, and serve the purpose of versatility well. Here are the features of the accounts at


24/7 Live SupportOnline Financial Course1x1 TrainingFX Majors and MinorsMetalsEnergiesWorld Indices


24/7 Live SupportOnline Financial Course1x1 TrainingE-BookFX Majors and MinorsMetalsEnergiesWorld IndicesAgricultures


24/7 Live SupportOnline Financial Course1x1 TrainingE-BookWebinarsAnalyst ManagerFX Majors and MinorsMetalsEnergiesWorld IndicesAgricultures


24/7 Live SupportOnline Financial Course1x1 TrainingE-BookWebinarsAnalyst ManagerFX Majors and MinorsMetalsEnergiesWorld IndicesAgricultures

Trading Conditions

As we said earlier in our TradeVtech review, this part focuses on the trading conditions in particular. We already mentioned that the broker adheres to MiFID II, meaning you’ll likely need to get a pro account to unlock leverage. The rest of the trading service seems versatile, and competent enough to please even experienced traders. The spreads are tight, with excellent account pricing and no overnight fees or any such charges. That means both short-term tactics like day trading and buy-and-hold strategies are equally viable.

The broker specializes in forex and has CFDs for other major asset classes. CFDs might not be the favorite way for users to trade, but they are the only way for some traders to access specific materials. Beyond that, they also make the entire trading process cheaper, as you can buy asset fractions. Naturally, they’re also the easiest way for brokers to set up versatile asset libraries.

The funding is also solid, with various methods to deposit and withdraw funds. Both ways process quickly, eliminating the frustrating wait time before you get your hands on your money. There are also numerous educational and analytical features we mentioned earlier in our TradeVtech review. Despite the broker being new, it managed to craft a complete and versatile trading service.

Trading Platform

TradeVtech uses a proprietary trading platform with intuitiveness and user experience at its core. It has a simple-to-understand interface that even lets beginners quickly jump into trading. It also boasts robust analytical capabilities, a built-in economic calendar, and other convenience features. We should also note that you can access the platform via all the popular methods. They include a downloadable terminal, web platform, and mobile client.

TradeVtech’s Trading Products

Earlier in our TradeVtech broker review, we went on a little tangent about its trading products being CFDs. We won’t repeat ourselves here, but we do need to note that the broker managed to create a pretty broad library. It also includes cryptocurrencies, which a lot of forex and CFD brokers omit for some reason. Here are the asset categories at


Customer Service

We already mentioned the quality of TradeVtech’s support and the importance of its prolonged 24/7 work time. To reiterate, it lets the broker respond to your questions and resolve customer issues much quicker. We contacted their support team with a mock issue, and the representatives were kind and quickly solved it. We cannot ask for much from an online brokerage customer service, so we’re content.

Phone: ?+41225013066

Email: [email protected]

TradeVtech Review: Conclusion

For a new brokerage, TradeVtech is already incredibly far along. It has a complete and versatile trading service that suits both beginners and more experienced traders. The accounts provide the necessary versatility while the universal trading conditions propel the quality further. Although there are always improvements brokers can make, the security is fantastic for a company that started working recently. The diverse trading product library rounds everything up and makes sure all types of traders can feel welcome.

If you’ve read the rest of our TradeVtech review, you could’ve already concluded our opinion was positive. If you’re looking for a new broker, you might want to try TradeVtech. The focus on user improvement and overall service quality makes it unlikely to disappoint.

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