Stimulating business growth with Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming the model for Indian startups to innovate and solve difficulties, confusing industry norms in different fields.

India is considered one of the world’s largest tech startup ecosystems. Despite the current pandemic, it regularly grows annually, especially in technology.

India’s tech startups’ base has increased at over 45 percent CAGR with AI and IoT (Internet of Things) over the past few years. It accounts for around two-thirds of total deep tech startups.

AI: innovation and disruption

AI is the tool to build solutions. Every startup leverages AI abilities in some forms, and AI capabilities power many of its business purposes and transactions.

Even if the end-solution seems non-technical, it still has many elements that leverage the power of AI, analytics, and data. When observed in this data, it becomes apparent that every startup is becoming an AI startup.

Artificial Intelligence is now democratized and everywhere

There are many ways people use AI in their daily activities without realizing it, for example, viewing categorized emails, unlocking the phone with face ID, receiving suggestions that you might be interested in websites. Such events include using navigation while driving, converting talk to text in transcripts and subtitles, communicating with personal assistants and chatbots, and many more.

AI is now everywhere and democratized. Therefore it is available for every startup that uses AI to offer its clients the experience they expect.

It supports startups in discovering information, driving intelligent decisions, and learning from data. AI makes operations more effective while enhancing service and product innovation. It plays an essential role in enabling creativity and higher employee effectiveness.


AI abilities are no longer limited to data scientists as it is relatively approachable by all skill levels. For example, developers and designers or engineers without coding experiences can leverage machine learning capabilities for developing AI-powered solutions.




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