Personal Finance Daily: ‘Squid Game’ fans can soon attempt real-life versions of the Netflix hit’s challenges and should you invest in a bitcoin ETF?

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‘It will be intense’: ‘Squid Game’ fans can soon attempt real-life versions of the Netflix hit’s challenges

Event promoters, bars and restaurants are among those hosting ‘Squid Game’ events — minus the risk of execution, of course. Read More

This state has the biggest labor shortage — and one of the lowest unemployment rates

The first-ever state-level Job Openings and Labor Turnover report offers a glimpse at where labor shortages are the most and least prevalent. Read More

I’m retired, but want to build my dream home. Should I take out a mortgage to pay for it?

‘Should I use the money from the sale of my current home to pay the construction loan, or should I invest the money and pay a mortgage?’ Read More

Weekend reads: Should you invest in a bitcoin ETF?

Also, how Elon Musk can become a trillionaire, Tesla’s great results and a surprising retirement destination. Read More

Kanye West Puts Monster Lake Ranch in Wyoming on the Market for $11M

Kanye West made headlines in 2019, when he set his sights on thousands of acres of land in Wyoming. Read More

Just in time for Halloween: a spooky black-colored gin is now available

The one-of-a-kind gin is a blend of different botanicals — butterfly-pea flower, anyone? — that contribute to its special shade Read More

As Democrats’ tax proposals evolve, the outlook for the super-rich is improving

The Biden administration hopes it can seal a deal soon on its social safety net program Read More

Your complete guide to MPGe, the electric equivalent of miles per gallon

As hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fully electric cars, and fuel cell vehicles become the new normal, it’s time you understood this metric. Read More

My credit was ruined while I was in a coma—here are ways to undo some of the damage when disaster strikes

The financial burden I was met with after my hospital stay was a uniquely difficult obstacle to tackle. Here’s what to expect if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Read More

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