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General Information

The Financial Investment Group is a veteran brokerage that comes from the UK, at 30 Holborn, London EC1N 2HR. The broker recently decided to refresh its service so that it suits the needs of the modern trader better. And while the firm has been around since 1985, it definitely doesn’t feel outdated or stale. The broker added a focus on crypto, as well as decided to be more accessible to traders overall. Our Financial Investment Group review will help you determine whether the broker is the correct choice for you.

And as we said already, the broker rebranded with the intent to appeal to the average investor more. That much is apparent from its website, as it took on a modern and sleek look that’s popular for online brokerages. Not only that but the broker backed up its visual update with a functional overhaul of the website. In other words, it runs vastly smoother than most brokers’ websites, especially those as experienced as the Financial Investment Group. Lastly, we should also mention the organizational benefits the rework gave

All the information you’d need to know is never more than a few clicks away with the Financial Investment Group. That drastically cuts down on the time you need to waste investigating the broker and verifying information. It also presents the brokerage as far more transparent and sets it apart from ever-present scam brokers. Lastly, it simply leads to a more favorable user experience, as it’s just frustrating when brokers leave out crucial info.

So we’re definitely off to a good start with our The Financial Investment Group review. However, there’s still much more to unearth about the broker, as we’ve only scratched the surface.

Funds Trading and Security

Safety is a primary concern when choosing a new broker and all serious brokerages are rigorous about that. After all, traders stand to lose way more than a broker with sub-par security than bad trading conditions. Of course, those brokerages that stand out above others don’t make too many compromises in either. And while it’s easier said than done, it’s possible to organize your service in such a way that it does well both ways. The rest of our The Financial Investment Group review will show you how it did in that regard.

As we said, the broker has been around for an extended period; and from the start, that grants it credibility. Most scam brokers tend to get out quickly before they face legal repercussions. As such, older companies are much less likely to be fraudulent, as scammers don’t operate on sustainable business models. And although that’s not technically something The Financial Investment Group does intentionally, we shouldn’t ignore its significance.

Furthermore, it’s also important that the broker is trasnparent in all fronts. THat starts from its website, which is structured in a way that conveys information quite effectively. That carries on through its pricing, which is also transparent, and without any hidden fees or charges. Lastly, there’s also the fact that The Financial Investment Group’s legal documents lack any malicious clauses. Scam brokers usually incorporate vague wording so as to have some degree of legal protection.

So it’s pretty apparent that The Financial Investment Group is clear on the internal security front. However, we should also note that the broker uses encryption and account verifiers, as well as other hacker-preventing measures. Overall, that nets The Financial Investment Group a solid security score, meaning we doubt you’ll have any issues.

The Trading Accounts

The trading accounts at The Financial Investment Group follow a fairly standard structure. The cheapest account requires a deposit of $250, making it affordable for most traders, both new and more experienced. That presents the broker as a good option for starters that might not be comfortable with depositing the thousands some high-end brokers ask for straight away. Also, you can trade with all the money you invest, so there’s no actual cost attached to the account. The setup is proven to work, and we’re not surprised opted to use it.

Trading Conditions

As we said earlier in our The Financial Investment Group review, good brokers combine good trading conditions and security. As we already went over the safety specifications of The Financial Investment Group, it’s time to move on to trading. And luckily, the broker doesn’t take its foot off the pedal and performs surprisingly well. Most brokers as experienced as it get run over by modern competition, but that’s not the case here. The Financial Investment Group’s renovation did wonders for its longevity and let it compete with other modern brokers.

For starters, the pricing is solid, with an absence of hidden fees and charges and tight spreads all around. That lets traders keep more money in their pockets, and we don’t need to explain how that’s beneficial. Furthermore, its leverage is quite high, sitting at 1:400, and there are no overnight fees, making all tactics viable. It doesn’t ban scalping like some brokers, so fast-paced trading is a definite possibility.

Trading Platform

The Financial Investment Group uses a proprietary platform with an emphasis on ease of use and intuitiveness. That makes it the ideal tool for new traders to learn how trading functions. It also makes it easy to adapt to the service if you’re used to another broker or another platform. It also comes in mobile and web versions, further increasing trader mobility and convenience.

The Financial Investing Group’s Trading Products

The Financial Investment group has a broad selection of assets from various major trading instrument classes. As we said earlier in our Financial Investment Group review, they focus on crypto, as it seems to be a new trader favorite. However, that doesn’t make its selection from other categories any less broad, with high-quality assets all around.

Customer Service

The broker’s customer support service is kind and quick to respond. The work time is a bit shorter than most brokers, sitting at Mon – Fri 10:00-19:00 Toronto time. However, it mostly coincides with trading time, so it shouldn’t present a problem for the majority of traders.

Phone: ?

+ 441313789535 United Kingdom
+ 14378861138 Canada

Email: [email protected]

The Financial Investment Group Review: Conclusion

The Financial Investment Group is a capable brokerage that does well on both major fronts for brokerages. It’s secure, showing no signs of ill intent towards traders or investors and shielding them from hackers. On top of that, it’s also beneficial trading-wise, with excellent pricing and asset variety, a solid platform, and support for various strategies. As we said earlier in our The Financial Investment Group review, it’s experienced and that shows.

Overall, the broker definitely did enough to earn our recommendation. You rarely see such a modern mix of safety and trading conditions from such an experienced broker. Where most brokers fail to innovate, The Financial Investment Group flourished and created an excellent mix of modernity and experience.

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