Belarus Dictator to Cut Off Natural Gas Supply to Europe

Alexander Lukashenko launched a new threat a day after the European Union prepared fresh sanctions against Belarus. The dictator threatened Europe to shut down Russian natural gas flowing into the region.

On Thursday, the villain leader of Belarus commented after the EU blamed him for making a hybrid attack by helping thousands of migrants pass the Polish border into Europe.

Belta, a state news agency, quoted Lukashenko saying that they are heating Europe. Lukashenko sent a warning to Europe. If Europe still threatens to close the border, Belarus will shut off the natural gas there. He added that Polish and Lithuanian authorities should think before threatening Belarus. For Europe, cutting the essential supply of Russian gas this winter in the middle of rising prices in the volatile European natural-gas market is perceived as a severe threat.

On Wednesday, the EU advanced sanctions on several airlines. One included Russian carrier Aeroflot, for carrying migrants to the Polish border, promising that they could easily cross into Europe. This week, Russian warplanes appeared over the Belarus airspace performing a joint mission to emphasize the Kremlin’s support for Lukashenko. The Kremlin published a video of two long-range Russian Tupolev supersonic strike bombers (Tu-22M3 ), maneuvering. As Russia said, Belarus and Russia’s armed forces were practicing interaction issues with ground control points.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the U.S. said it would also apply sanctions against Belarus in the frame of the support of the EU condemning Lukashenko for continuing attacks on human rights, democracy, and international norms. The National Security Council spokesperson from the White House said they are concerned by the inhumane actions of the Lukashenko regime. He also added that the U.S. strongly condemns their brutal exploitation and oppression of vulnerable people.

Thousands of migrants with tiny infants are camped on the Belarus side of the border with Poland in sub-zero temperatures. On Wednesday, Polish forces of more than 15,000 members stopped approximately 600 attempts to breach the border. Chief Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, warned that the crisis might lead to “a race to the bottom” situation on European migration policy.

He said that these challenges could not justify such brutal reactions seen in some places. Moreover, he spoke about the responses showing the irresponsible xenophobic discourse and the violent pushbacks, including the beating of migrants and refugees. Grandi finally said that the European Union should do better and make better solutions.




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