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Hidden in plain sight is a U.S. Treasury bond yielding more than 7%

This simple investment could be the solution for your fixed-income needs in retirement Read More

If inflation isn’t transitory, consumer prices and stocks could both keep climbing

The stock market is a good inflation hedge. Read More

Ten recommended stocks if you think value will beat growth as inflation surges

These companies are recommended by at least three top-performing newsletters and have low valuations. Read More

Stocks are money makers now but remember that some investors still haven’t recovered from the 2000 internet bubble

Your long run can be much longer if you buy stocks when the market is expensive and exuberant. Read More

Here’s how to decide whether the S&P 500 is now heading toward a correction

Watch for these stock-market sell signals. Read More

Good news could be bad news: Stock market bullishness has reached an extreme

When sentiment has run this high, stock market gains have tended to moderate. Read More

The anti-Cathie Wood ETF has landed. Here’s how it’s doing so far

Every week we highlight the most timely exchange-traded fund news, from new launches to inflows and performance. Read More

This e-commerce stock may be a better buy than Amazon right now

5 winners and losers as e-commerce shifts to post-COVID challenges. Read More

Amazon is proof of a major weakness in ESG ratings

Amazon is bigger than Walmart in terms of sales yet reports emissions from shipping that are only one-seventh the size of Walmart’s. Look at the supply chain. Read More

Why GE’s tax-free split could power the stock higher and reward patient investors

Conglomerates that spin off divisions to shareholders frequently find that the parts are even more valuable. Read More

Here’s the proof that momentum strategies don’t work with bitcoin

Because trend-following bitcoin traders are buying high and selling low, many have been losing money even while bitcoin skyrockets. Read More

Hopes for a spot bitcoin ETF in 2021 have just been dashed

The most likely candidate for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund linked directly to bitcoin isn’t likely to happen in 2021. Read More

Energy prices are high and getting higher — you’ll want to own these stocks as a cold winter arrives

Energy stocks have been big winners this year. But their gains aren’t over yet, as an expected deep freeze drives oil and gas prices higher. Read More

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